DE Furbowl 52 - Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 9:15 PM

Theme: The Most Interesting Furries in the World.

Event Group: Delaware Furbowl

Organized by: Kitt3ns
DE Furbowl 52 Info
Dos Equines...

Delaware Furbowl 52
Theme: The Most Interesting Furries in the World.

What is it?
A bowling furmeet hosted by The Furst State!

When is it?
April 26th 8:15 PM to 12:00 AM

Where is it?
Wilmington, DE Google Maps Link

AMF Price Lanes. Google Maps Link
3215 Kirkwood Highway. Wilmington, DE 19805

The full announcement with details can be found on The Furst State Forums!

Full Announcement: Furst State Forums

Delaware Furbowl Information Thread: Furst State Forums

Last Month's Report: N/A

Furbowl 51 Official Group Pictures:
Fursuiters: FurAffinity
Group: FurAffinity
Attendee List For DE Furbowl 52 (Artist: 5; Bowling: 11)
  1. Kitt3ns profile   (Bowling)
  2. FreezeFrame
  3. Carbon   (Bowling)
  4. Paintid   (Artist)
  5. Corgii
  6. Ta-Quoe
  7. JASPER :D   (Bowling)
  8. Cobalt The Fox profile
  9. Rexxie profile
  10. Amaretto profile   (Artist)
  11. Draak
  12. Hawley
  13. Ghandric profile
  14. Krieg fox profile
  15. Jakferret
  16. Icer profile   (Bowling)
  17. huskershep profile
  18. Lord Kax
  19. I don't always blow suiters, but when I do it's with 270cfm.
  20. reaux
  21. Pandy   (Artist)
  22. #foxprivilege profile
  23. Fawx equis ... loves the beeeeer   (Bowling)
  24. Moz
  25. Tigsy Twitch profile
  26. Steezy profile
  27. Mechsae profile
  28. milo the tiger   (Bowling)
  29. Sapphy profile
  30. Fox T.
  31. Luna Nijiro (SeiReTSYM) profile   (Artist)
  32. Eerie Silverfox   (Bowling)
  33. Lonewolf   (Artist)
  34. Kingdom profile
  35. Jouva   (Bowling)
  36. Arthur SilverFox profile   (Bowling)
  37. Mana profile
  38. Kintari - Get Hype profile
  39. Kekipi profile
  40. WestWindHowling
  41. Azao Ingemar profile
  42. Uteki
  43. ZnakeZtep profile
  44. Eluna
  45. Hinie   (Bowling)
  46. Trash Goat profile
  47. Koss kelir profile
  48. Sadie wolf profile
  49. Caw profile
  50. Origamigryphon
  51. Scribbles! profile   (Bowling)
  52. Snowie
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Registration will close at 9:15 PM on Saturday, April 26, 2014.
(It is now 5:26 AM on Saturday, April 19, 2014)
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