DE Furbowl 54 - Saturday, September 27, 2014 at 8:15 PM

A bowling meet with The Furst State!

Event Group: Delaware Furbowl

Organized by: Kitt3ns
DE Furbowl 54 Info
C'mon Mario...

Delaware Furbowl 54
Theme: Video Games and you (Or how I learned to love Nintendo)

What is it?
A bowling furmeet hosted by The Furst State!

When is it?
September 27th 8:15 PM to 12:00 AM

Where is it?
Wilmington, DE Google Maps Link

AMF Price Lanes. Google Maps Link
3215 Kirkwood Highway. Wilmington, DE 19805

The full announcement with details can be found on The Furst State Forums!

Full Announcement: Furst State Forums

Delaware Furbowl Information Thread: Furst State Forums

Attendee List For DE Furbowl 54 (Artist: 3; Bowling: 8)
  1. reaux
  2. Pandy
  3. Ingram Skyfox
  4. Cobalt The Fox profile
  5. Rexxie profile
  6. Duck Hunter Kax
  7. KitDrago profile
  8. Milo
  9. Tigsy Twitch profile
  10. GW0LF profile
  11. Crescent Zeal profile   (Bowling)
  12. even colder paws. with a freeze tube.(Blowing)
  13. Kay
  14. Ogre
  15. Orinthical (Blowing) profile
  16. Jess
  17. Snowie and Mika
  18. Jasper   (Bowling)
  19. Kes profile
  20. actual garbage profile
  21. LandisF profile
  22. Amaretto   (Artist)
  23. Sapphy profile
  24. FoxT
  25. Brown profile   (Artist)
  26. Crusader Cat
  27. Todd Fawx finally moved out of his parents' at 28yrs!   (Bowling)
  28. Dj Whitetail
  29. Drago
  30. Icer profile
  31. James Ferret (25th visit!) profile   (Bowling)
  33. HalcyonHeartbeat profile
  34. Zeek
  35. littlew0lf
  36. Kingdom (Fursuiting)(Mommaburr) profile
  37. Gurei-Ookami
  38. Anabel (suiting)   (Bowling)
  39. Mechsae profile
  40. Terror Rage   (Bowling)
  41. Barkron Mutt profile   (Bowling)
  42. Reizo profile
  43. Whitest Shep you know feat trusy sidekick Pumpkin Spice Latt profile
  44. Fawnix profile
  45. kahoku and ghandric   (Bowling)
  46. Tech
  47. Znnnaaakkkeeee profile
  48. Varga profile   (Artist)
  49. Kahoku
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